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Get durable mastic asphalt flooring by calling
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• Any flight of steps at your property

• Domestic dwellings

• Schools and hospitals to replace damp wood flooring

• Heavy duty industrial units for a smooth surface

• Car parks

• Loading bays

• Pavements

Where it can be installed:

Mastic asphalt flooring can help you add a high quality and durable waterproof coating to any surface. It's fast cooling properties mean that your projects can continue at a great pace as carpets, tiles and vinyl can be laid within 2-3 hours. In addition we also provide mastic asphalt tanking. Mastic asphalt tanking can be applied as waterproof lining to walls in underground spaces at any property.

Fast cooling and waterproof

Get durable mastic asphalt flooring by calling

07860 354 135

Mastic asphalt flooring & steps in London

At Colin Welch Roofing, you can get mastic asphalt flooring and steps installed to provide you with a 100% waterproof, dust free and non-toxic coating for flooring around your property.

Mastic asphalt on steps and a path Mastic asphalt flooring inside an industrial building Mastic asphalt flooring showing the outside of Harrods Inside a commercial building showing the mastic asphalt flooring Mastic asphalt flooring on a pavement